Abu Dhabi City Tour (NO PCR Required)

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Abu Dhabi City Tour (NO PCR Required)

110 AED
/ Perperson

Enjoy all you can now No PCR Required for Abu Dhabi City Tour. Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates and the biggest emirate has more than 200 Islands It’s the place from where the Founding Father of the Country Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan belongs. In Abu Dhabi, We will see the Fascinating Spectacular Grand Mosque which is 7 Biggest Mosque in the world. It is white in Color which represents peace and purity. You can see the world’s biggest Handmade Carpet inside the mosque. We will explore the city and will see the Emirates Palace Hotel & Presidential Palace. We will show you more history and culture take you to Heritage Village where you can also see cornice view. Drive through the main city of Abu Dhabi we pass by Vegetable and Fruits Market. You will see one of the spectacular Dome Structure Louvre Museum which is open with the coordination of the French government. We also explore Yas Island which is famous because of its entertainment places like Formula Race Track, Ferrari World, Warner Bros, Yas Water park, and Yas Mall

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