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Khorfakan Tour

90 AED
/ Perperson

One of the best places we have in the country is the East coast region where we have Fujairah emirate and the city of khorfakan which is ruled by Sharjah. We drive through the Hajar mountains and pass by wadis. Fujairah is famous because of its historical importance we have one of the oldest Portuguese Fort which is now named Fujairah fort built in the 15th century. We will also explore the Sheikh Zayed Mosque Fujairah which is the 2nd biggest mosque in the country and structure like a blue mosque in Turkey. Drive through the city of Fujairah we will reach the khorfakan where we visit the Old Souk in Town and Handicraft Museum. We will show you the khorfakan port as well and the Photo stop on the Beach. The new attractions in khorfakan which will amaze you are Waterfall, Amphitheatre and Al suhub Rest area on the top of mountains you have the fascinating look of Sea. We also have Rafisah Dam in khorfakan which shows spectacular views and is surrounded by mountains.

Availability: Daily
Pickup Time 8 to 8:30 AM
Private/Family Tour Provided upon request.

Cancellation Policy: 24 Hours prior to Tour

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