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Hatta Tour

90 AED
/ Perperson

Hatta is an inland enclave of the emirates of Dubai Formerly and Omani  Territory handed over to Dubai in 1850. It is surrounded by the Hajar Mountains and covered in undulating peaks and troughs perfect for hiking. A famous spot in Hatta is the Dam which is surrounded by mountains on of the largest Dam in the region. Hatta is an adventure place for the tourist its best for hiking kayaking mountain bikes. We will show you the Heritage Village Hatta Hills park. We also have a small lake in hatta where you will see Swans and this lake is named Swan Lake. Hatta Wadi hub is for all adventures including ride Hatta Ride Hub, Gel Ball, tube sliding, zorbing, Archery, Football zorbing. We also see the Hatta Fort Hotel.

Availability: Daily
Pickup Time 7:30 to 8:00 AM

Private/Family Tour Provided upon request.

Cancellation Policy: 24 Hours prior to Tour

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